Saturday, October 22, 2005

October Meeting Notes

We're gearing up for the holiday sale on December 2nd. For those that want to sell items, bring your displays at the November meeting so we can go through our setup. Even if you don't want to sell items, you can help with the decorations at the sale. For those members that weren't able to attend the October meeting, you can still sign up to help set up or to sell items.

The bottles of hope can be started at any time now. If you have extra bottles, bring them to the next meeting. We'll collect bottles to distribute to the cancer center in April. That leaves plenty of time to do a couple if you want. Karen Palmer has small bottles that can be worn in a necklace if you are interested in doing a small bottle necklace instead.

Our bracelet swap is still planned to take place this meeting year. Work on yours and have them available at either of the next two meetings for swapping. The more that participate the better the event will be. One suggestion was that larger beads should be used for the blank bracelet so embellisment can be made easier. Any size bead larger than 11 would be appreciated to those embellishing.

At the December meeting we'll have our annual Chinese auction. Gifts should limited to $20. Some ideas include: books, stones, glass beads, unique supplies, finished holiday-themed items, anything "beady" that you think will be traded for.

We welcomed two new members--Gerry and Cat. Gerry does leatherwork and wants to learn to bead. Cat is a talented artist with awesome beading skills. We look forward to their attendance at our future meetings.

Have a great month! See you November 18th.


Friday, October 07, 2005

New Bead Store

I couldn't wait to tell all of my fellow addicted beaders about a new store in Eagle River. Some of you may already be familiar with the owner. She used to open up her garage every third Friday of the month for a day-long sale by the Eagle River Walmart. She has now opened a small shop in her daughter's garage. The place is called Bead CrayZ Bead Shop (see the link to her website on our blog). She specializes in American lampwork, and recently bought the inventory from Beadbox (in Arizona) and is selling those products 50% off--hurry while supplies last.

The shop hours are Mon-Fri 1-7 and Sat 10-6. From the Valley, take Glenn Hwy to first ER exit. Take a left at the light just past AlaskaUSA, turn right on Dawn street--you can follow the signs from there. Phone (907)694-7467.

Oh, btw, she has a list of all UBS members and is giving us a 10% discount. Don't forget your membership card when you go shopping for beads.

Have fun!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bracelet Swap Update

Since the month of September was our first meeting of the beady year and there were several of our regular attendees missing from that meeting, Lisa and I agreed that the bracelet swap should be extended to take place at the November meeting.

If you haven't started your plain bracelet to put into the swap, you still have plenty of time. I'll share with you that I have a design in mind, but haven't started my own bracelet. I figure mine will be 1 inch wide and 7.5 inches long. I have decided to use three colors. A color for the border of the bracelet and a main color with accent on the main bracelet. I chose not to do a fancy design on the bracelet if it was just going to be covered in embellishment when all was said and done.

This looks to be an exciting project and I hope many of you will participate.

See you on the 21st!